Meet Elexis


The Platform LexMeet

The LexMeet collaborative platform aims to bring together researchers, teachers, scientists and anyone who is interested in words, dictionaries and lexicography. It will foster collaboration among lexicographers by allowing them to discuss common topics, develop new ideas, combine in groups based on common interests and work together to create the dictionaries of the future.

The ELEXIS community is now made up of 17 partner and  52 observer institutions from 35 different countries making it one of the largest lexicographic communities in the world. With the Elexis collaborative platform, lexicographers now have their own space where they can meet one another, see what lines of research others are pursuing, collaborate on joint projects or simply stay in touch.


Connecting the disconnected

LexMeet is a new platform enabling lexicographers, researchers, public institutions and businesses to connect and discuss topics related to lexicography. 

Participate in public DISCUSSIONS, open up interesting topics and find answers to burning questions about your field of interest. 

Find a specific GROUP  to exchange knowledge, ideas and views on subjects such as lexicographic tools, AI, NLP, digital resources etc.